Once upon a time, in a land far away there lived a little blond-headed beauty who sat peering out the window into the night.  On that evening, in the cool of September, the moon was just barely in sight, only a sliver glowed against the vast, black velvet sky.  The tiny girl smiled and mused aloud, "Look, Mommy, it's a cradle moon!"   It most certainly was--a thin slice of shimmering moon in the perfect shape of a cradle.  I knew at that moment that my little daughter had just named my future baby boutique.  Shimmering moons, swinging cradles and dreaming babies--in my mind all that gentle delicacy was displayed in God's handiwork and in Abby's simple description.  Somehow it all just seemed to fit.

Welcome to my creative outlet for my very favorite hobbies: quilting, smocking, and sewing.  Combine those with my love for babies and you have Cradle Moon Baby Boutique! Cradle Moon specializes in boutique style baby clothing, quilts, bibs, and other layette items.  There is a little of this and a bit of that.  No two items are ever exactly the same, for it is my desire to make unique and distinctive dainties for the special baby in your life.  Some items are made from a pattern; others are my own designs.  I can promise that everything is made with the care that I use when sewing for my own children and grand babies, simply put-- quality fabrics and attention to details.

Look around and check out the items I have for sale.  I'm constantly adding new items which are listed by category in the sidebars.  Just click the pictures to see photos and descriptions of the various items.

Check out the gallery to view items I've sold previously.  I'd be happy to do a custom order for a special baby in your life! 

All proceeds from sales at Cradle Moon will go towards helping my daughter's family ministry in Africa with Africa Inland Mission (AIM.)