Saturday, August 3, 2013

baby caps

 Baby caps! 

All shapes, sizes, and colors.  These are all made by Lacy.  If you can dream it up, she can create it.  Here are some she made this week.

Please note.  Caps like these sell for anywhere from $10 to $25 or more on Et$y.  We're offering these newborn sized caps for $8 each.  Custom orders would be a few dollars more.  You'll need to hurry, though.  She's off to college in a few weeks and will not have time for baby crochet!!  

All my sweet grand babies have worn Lacy-created caps as newborns.  Totally adorable!!  




 Green with pink flower (SOLD thanks!)

Baby blue cap  (SOLD Thanks!)

 Football cap 

 White cap with pink and green trim, pink flower 

 Aqua cap 

 Scallop-edge pink cap with green and white trim  

 White cap with pink bow         

                                                                White cap with aqua trim

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