Wednesday, August 7, 2013

vintage ruffle bag


I hoard cute vintage pillow cases.

That's what I did with this pretty blue and green flower-power retro one.  I've been saving it for the perfect project.  I think I found it yesterday.

I have made several of these bags over the years.  I have one that is my go-to bag when I'm heading out the door for a trip.  I always toss in my hairdryer, hairspray, brush and makeup bag.  I just like to have them in something separate from my suitcase.  And the handle makes it easy to hang over the bathroom door while I'm packing.

I also made Hannah one, which she carried to work stuffed with her gym clothes.  Pretty sure I made Tom's mom and sisters each one, too.

It just seems to be that perfect sized bag.  And it's floppy and forgiving, allowing itself to be stuffed to the brim.  Not to mention cute.  With all those ruffles on the front, it is definitely cute!  The lining and handle are the same fabric as the outer bag.  Lacy added a crocheted flower to boost the flower power up a notch.  Perfect!
measures 11" X 14"
Vintage Ruffle Bag ~SOLD thanks!~

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